'Smart-Lead B1'

'Smart-Lead B1'

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The `Smart-Lead’ technology `built in’ has been designed to save you money. We charge for what your individual need is & you can actively control the settings within the Portal once you have registered your purchase

As you will be aware, you don’t need your asset to be sending messages every minute when you already know that your caravan, boat, concrete mixer, peddle bike is locked up safely. You know your asset is safe so why waste money on electronic messages that are of no use.

Sentry SL Ltd have developed the tariff structure to give you the ‘Active Control’ over the asset when it has been lost or stolen. That’s what we charge for & that’s what saves you money year on year through reduced subscriptions

How it works

When you have purchased your `Smart-Lead’ technology you also get 12 months of `Standby Mode` subscription included when you register your purchase on the `Smart-Lead Portal. You can then purchase additional add on months/years through the ‘Portal’ at a later date.

Standby Mode

The Standby Mode tariff allows you access to the Portal Control Centre 24/7 where you can

  •  View your asset & its last location. Standby Mode gives you the assets location once every 24 hours for your assurance
  •  View its location on Google Maps through webservice
  •  See back up battery power – Battery provides 12 months in the standby mode without recharge.
  •  See system notifications & warnings
  •  View subscription status & provide you access to the shop to update your subscription
  •  See all add on Mode`s & upgrade options

Live Track Mode

Normally you would activate this Mode when your asset has become lost or stolen. This will then give location updates every minute via GPS, accurate to within 5m when a fix is obtained from Satellite. This mode & payment structure can be set monthly or annually.

Sentry Guard

If you feel your asset is in a more vulnerable situation, with higher risk for a short period or longer term you can set up a virtual fence around your asset within the Portal. If the Asset leaves this location without your knowledge you will get a warning message via email or text. You can then take necessary actions through the provisions of the Portal

Remote Immobilisation

This feature allows you to immobilise your asset remotely via PC or Mobile phone preventing who ever has it getting use of the asset. Whilst the asset is immobilised you can still monitor, track & trace your asset. Please note: Immobilising any asset remotely has safety implications & all such risk is carried by the owner of the equipment. You also need to be aware that once the asset has been immobilised, the Re-set has to be carried out manually by the `Smart-Lead` team at the Control centre. Additional charges may apply for the re-set

Peace of mind

You are in control of your asset & we help you maintain it secure. Our team at the Control Centre are there to assist you at all times

`Help us – Help you`


The ‘Smart-Lead B1’ is a dedicated hard-wired system that can be incorporated into many Electrical or Mechanical equipment/appliance.  Its primary power is 240v or indeed other voltages that maybe required. This product has been developed to specifically meet a growing demand to protect assets that are regularly stolen & not recovered. The ‘B1’ is revolutionary in that it is Active Technology that allows the owner of the asset to maintain control remotely.

All the ‘Smart-Lead’ products have Active Technology. This means that not only can you Live Track & Trace the asset but you have Active Control which allows you to Remotely immobilise the asset even if the asset has been moved to another Country*. The Active Technology also allows FOTA intelligence which allows remote software updates to improve security of your asset

All the ‘Smart-Lead’ products can be registered within the Dedicated Web Portal which is available via internet access or Mobile phone App.

Once your asset is registered with the ‘Smart-Lead Portal’, the owner can see a Menu of all their registered assets, zoom into each asset location on a map anywhere in the world via GPS/GSM with LTE/2G/4G.


The ‘B1’ also has Sentry Guard capability. This allows the owner of the asset to set a virtual fence around the product on a map within the Portal & should the asset be removed outside of the virtual fence then a message is automatically sent to the owner to warn them that the asset is on the move. Once the alert has been received, the owner can access the portal to remotely immobilise the asset, preventing its further use & then Track, Trace & Recover the asset with assistance from our control centre & the authorities

All ‘Smart-Lead’ products have an embedded back up battery which allows up to 6 months of battery life without recharging. The Battery is recharged through the assets primary system so no messing about having to change Batteries or remove batteries to be recharged  

The ‘Smart-Lead’ does not use a SIM card which can be removed & there is no need for a mobile phone plan with anyone else. 

Our monthly subscriptions are automated from the outset so no matter which tariff you choose with your ‘Smart-Lead’ you will have peace of mind that there are no hidden surprises. Once its fixed the only one that can change it is you. For further information on Subscriptions please fill out a contact form and we will get to back to you with the costs. 


‘Smart-Lead’ B1
BS1363-2, CE, TASSA
Battery Backup
6 Months(stand by) 1 month Live Track
Initial charge time
48 hrs

Please note:- the information provided here gives an overview of the ‘Smart-Lead’. As a business we are protective over the amount of technology information we release. We do this as our technology is designed to protect your assets. We keep our best secrets under lock and key. 


* subject to contract subscription of countries covered.